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If style and class is what you are looking for, read on! Over 170,000 acres of deeded, BLM and private leased grazing lands provides a carrying capacity of 800 top quality commercial cows, plus bulls and replacement stock with little to no winter feeding. Almost 900 irrigated acres produces 4,000+ tons of high test dairy quality alfalfa hay each year. 6 homes, covered hay storage, full line of farming equipment, work shop, feed lot, and corrals all in excellent condition, plus one of the area’s best ranch manager and staff are all in place to make this “Turn Key” operation your heart’s desire. Price for the ranch is $2,650,000 plus cattle and equipment at market. Owner financing possible with good down.


The Coyote Creek Ranch is a unique "One of Kind" well managed balanced cattle and hay ranch. It includes deeded productive water righted land, private grazing leases, BLM allotments and an accomplished management and staff team in place. Living quarters are very nice and well kept, as are all of the equipment, buildings, fences and facilities. "Spit Shined and Polished" and "Turn Key" are just a few of the expressions that accurately describe in a nutshell what this ranch is all about. After reviewing this information, you will want to make an appointment to see the ranch just to satisfy yourself that it is every bit as good as represented in this information package.

The owner is a very accomplished businessman who has spent nearly 20 years of time and money developing a ranch that reflects quality throughout, as well as, pride of ownership. His reason for selling is based solely on the fact that he has achieved his personal goals and accomplishments with the ranch. You can look at a lot of Nevada ranches, but few will compare to this one!


The ranch is located about 40 miles (45 minutes) southwest of Winnemucca, and about 13 miles south of Interstate 80 on State Route 400, in scenic Buena Vista Valley, near the once roaring and historic mining town of Unionville, NV. Buena Vista Valley lies between Star Peak and the Humboldt Mountain range to the west, and the East Mountain Range to the east. The elevation at ranch headquarters is about 4,500 feet. Reno is approximately 150 miles to the west along Interstate 80, and is just over a two-hour drive. UPS provides package express service for parts and supplies, and school bus service is available from the headquarters main gate for the children. Air service is available through Reno, or by charter flight to the Winnemucca Airport, which is equipped with a 7,000 foot lighted runway.

The ranch includes 3,407 deeded acres, with 890.6 acres water righted (See tables A and B, attached). In addition, there are three private grazing leases, plus BLM allotments, which total in excess of 100,000 acres of native rangeland. Deeded, leased and permitted grazing lands combined allows the ranch to run 800+ cows and bulls with a minimum amount of winter feeding.

The ranch also produces 4,000+ tons of alfalfa hay annually with three cuttings, the majority of which meets or exceeds minimum dairy protein and TDN standards that generate high end prices for the hay crops sold to California dairies and the export market.


CROPS: Present farming operations include approximately 700+ acres in alfalfa hay, with an additional 70+ acres in crop rotation (barley). Alfalfa crops are well cared for and about 70 to 80 acres are rotated each year. Rotation crops include winter wheat, barley, and Sudan grass. Fields are sprayed and fertilized each spring. Normal years have consistently produced a crop yield of 6 tons of hay, or more, per acre annually. Under normal conditions alfalfa TDN will test at or above 55, with a protein test of 20%, or higher. The farming operation produces quality hay and is marketed to both California dairy and export markets. In addition to the hay crops, there are some 114 acres in irrigated pasture, for a total of just under 900 irrigated acres in production.

WATER & IRRIGATION: As spring arrives and farming begins, water from Coyote Creek is used for irrigation through about early to mid June. All of the water from Coyote Creek is controlled by the ranch. By means of a diversion dam and under ground pipelines constructed up stream, water flows to 6 large interconnected tanks, which provide a combined storage capacity in excess of 600,000 gallons. Water continues its gravity flow via underground pipeline from the tanks to the fields below. Pressurized by gravity flow, the creek supplies enough water to run twelve 1/4 mile sprinkler wheel lines throughout most of spring with an average flow of about 3,500 gallons per minute (GPM’s). Creek flow by September slows down to about 600 GPM’s.

After the creek’s normal water flow subsides, three irrigation wells are used to provide the balance of sprinkled irrigation for the rest of the season. The irrigation system is all buried PVC pipe interconnected with valves to control the direction and flow of water. 35 --1/4 mile wheel lines, plus several hand lines are used to irrigate the crops, pasture and lawn areas. Wells are equipped with 100 & 125 HP pumps and are capable of producing 8,500 GPM’s. Static water level is 85’ with pumping level at 130’.

Table B, attached, is a summary of both surface and underground water rights appurtenant to the ranch. All water rights are in good standing and fully transferable to the buyer.


CATTLE: The ranch is running 800+ head of one of the most uniform set of crossbred commercial herds in the business. There are about 685 head of mother cows, all but some 50 of which are spring calving, plus 29 bulls and 100 head of replacement heifers. The heifers are AI’d to Black Angus bulls. The herd bulls have been predominantly Red Angus/Simmentals. The cows are good healthy strong medium to large frame 1,000+ lbs. and show Red and Black Angus influence. The breeding program is designed to maintain uniformity and conception rates consistently average 94% to 96%, with 90% to 92% of the spring cows calving within a 90 day period. Average calf weaning weights are running in excess of 550 lbs. Last year’s calves averaged 593 lbs. for the steers and 570 lbs. for the heifers. These cattle are available at market and will bring the high end on pricing without any doubt. The smart buyer will demand these cattle stay!


GRAZING: The majority of cattle on this ranch graze on native range land basically year round with little to no winter feeding. Rangelands include a combination of BLM and private leased ground. Due to the intense water improvement projects completed by the present owner over the last several years, as well as, the excellent cooperation between ranch staff and the BLM, this ranch enjoys the rare circumstance of increased grazing allotments. In 1999, the Klondike Allotment was increased from 412 AU’s running 7 months, to 585 AU’s running 8.5 months, from 3/15 to 11/30, and with a total of 5,021 AUM’s, including 3,816 AUM’s via permit, plus 1205 AUM’s on an exchange of use based on the private leased grazing lands. In addition, the ranch expects to benefit from some additional adjustments being proposed by BLM for an additional 788 AUM’ s. These increased allotments are a direct result of the time, effort and money, along with good cooperative relations the ranch has actively pursued under its present owner and management.

In addition to the permitted allotment, the ranch also includes four private leases, all of which are in good standing at the present time. As of the time of this offering, the owner has no reason to believe that there will be any problem with lease assumption by a new owner. The combined native range exceeds 100,000 acres of intermingled grazing lands.

Cattle are turned out on the BLM allotments in early spring and rotated based on usable native feeds. Native feeds include Thurber’s Needlegrass, bottlebrush squirreltail, Sanberg blue grass, Indian ryegrass, basin wild rye, cheatgrass, big sagebrush, shadscale and greasewood. Winter range accommodates about 500 head on approximately 24,600 acres of private leased ground with little to no winter feeding required.

Efficient utilization of the rangelands has been the key to success for this ranch. Great effort and expense has been employed to construct over 30 miles of fencing to control the cattle. In addition, the ranch has undertaken to rehabilitate numerous springs and water holes, developed new ones and construct some 5 miles of underground pipe lines to distribute water to the cattle in a manner that allows them to thrive while roaming the outside country. Range water development on the ranch has been extensive and has been an ongoing project for the past several years.


HOUSING: The stone entrance to the Coyote Creek Ranch is complimented with white board fences and trees which line the entrance road directing you from the highway to the housing area at ranch headquarters. With the exception of one small bunkhouse, all of the dwelling units were built new by the present owner since 1982. There are 6 homes on the ranch, 5 of which are 3 bedroom dwellings ranging in size from a 3 bedroom, 1 bath 896 square feet smaller home to the owner’s home, a beautiful modern spacious open floor plan that features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths contained within some 2,300 square feet and should satisfy most of the ladies. All of the homes are very nice and well kept providing all of the help with good quality living conditions for the 4 to 6 ranch hands and their families. The yard areas include grass and shade trees and provide for a very peaceful setting.

BUILDINGS & BARNS: Some of the other improvements include a 13’ X 20’ storage building, ranch office fully equipped with phone, fax, copier, etc., 30’ X 60’ horse and calving barn with tack and vet room, 30’ X 40’ heated and insulated shop with overhead storage and supply room, and a 3,200 square foot machinery and storage shed. Two steel framed hay storage sheds provide protection for some 2,000 tons of hay keeping it fresh and green before transport to hay buyers.

The ranch also includes a full compliment of working corrals, loading and squeezed chutes, scales and adjacent feedlot area. There are also working corrals and branding traps around the rangelands in strategic locations, as well. The owners have planted over 400 trees in and around the ranch, including about a 20-stand fruit orchard. All of these improvements are in addition to the miles of irrigation and pipe lines, deeded and rangeland fencing already mentioned. This is why the ranch is often times referred to as a "Turn Key" operation. Everything is in place, in good condition and ready to go for the new owner. Even the roads around the ranch have been graveled from the ranch’s own gravel pit.


This ranch offering includes a full line of farm machinery and equipment such as tractors, pickups, trucks, horse trailers, bailers, swathers, rakes, loaders, dozers, hay chopper and more. A full line of shop equipment, welders, air compressor, tools and parts are all included, in addition to all of the office furniture and equipment, as well. All of the equipment is subject to normal wear and tear, but it has been well maintained, or replaced as needed, and is guaranteed to be in operable condition for the new owner. A detailed equipment inventory list can be made available upon request by the prospective buyer when inspecting the ranch.


Coyote Creek Ranch is being offered at $2,650,000 including the deeded land, private grazing leases and BLM permits, the "real property". Personal property includes all of the machinery and equipment, cattle and hay inventory on hand at time of sale, and can be purchased with the ranch at the buyer’s option. The prudent experienced cow calf range operator will not only recognize the value in keeping native cows on the ranch, but will also want these commercial cattle to stay just because of their quality!

Estimated value of the entire ranch package, including all personal property is $3.7 to $3.9 million. This estimate is subject to change based on market conditions, hay inventory on hand, and is open for negotiation to the serious buyer. Some owner financing may be available with acceptable buyer credit and financial reports and substantial down payment. However, the seller prefers an all cash sale and the buyer is encouraged to obtain his own lender financing as needed. The listing agent will gladly assist with lender financing contacts upon request.


The information contained in this information package has been obtained from the owner and other sources deemed to be reliable and are believed to be accurate and correct. While Realty Executives of Northern Nevada, and the Listing Agent, Larry E. Wood, have made diligent effort to insure that the information contained herein is correct, no warranties as to its accuracy are represented or implied. The prudent buyer should perform his/her own due diligence study as a condition to any offer for verification purposes. The owners and their agent pledge full support and cooperation in assisting the buyer in this respect.



008-420-22 T32N, R35E
SEC. 13: ALL
500 HEAD
640.00 640.00 $31.82
008-560-71 T31N, R35E
SEC. 32: W1/2, N1/2NE1/4,
0 480.00 480.00 $22.26
009-390-19 T31N, R37E
SEC. 29: S1/2
0 320.00 320.00 $14.82
012-050-01 T30N, R35E
0 620.25 620.25 $28.74
012-050-02 SEC. 5: W1/2SW1/4 0 80.00 80.00 $3.69
012-050-05 SEC. 4: S1/2
SEC. 5: SE1/4, E1/2SW1/4
SEC. 9: N1/2NW1/4
012-050-15 SEC. 10: N1/2 0 320.00 320.00 $14.82
012-050-16 SEC. 9: E1/2NE1/4 78.90 1.10 80.00 $248.07
012-050-20 SEC. 9: W1/2NE1/4,
012-050-21 SEC. 9: E1/2SW1/4 77.50 2.50 80.00 $248.07


890.60 2,516.68 3,407.28 $8,544.64

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824-3666 - FAX (775) 824-3660
This listing offered in cooperation with Western Ranch Management and Realty,
Winnemucca, Nevada

(Showings to qualified buyers by appointment only, please.)